Tips on Buying Women’s Running Shoes

Most women don’t really bother researching the type of running shoes they want. They just visit the nearest shoe store and buy the pair that looks best on their feet. Unfortunately, what looks good on your feet may not offer the best advantages. Remember, when you go out to buy running shoes, you need to keep several things in mind. Investing in a wrong pair could seriously damage your feet. You may not feel the damage immediately, but the discomfort will become pretty clear after running for a few days.

Rather than purchase what looks good on your feet, you should consider purchasing a pair of running shoes that keeps your feet comfy. Women’s running shoes can cost a significant bit of money. Unless you know which model you need, you could end up paying more than 100 GBP for a decent pair of running shoes. If you are not an avid runner and just try to maintain your fitness by running 3-4 times a week, buying such an expensive pair of running shoes is certainly not necessary. Here are a few tips to help you purchase the best pair of running shoe for yourself:

Women’s Running Shoes

Ignore Friendly Recommendations

If you are looking to buy a decent pair of running shoes, one of the first things that you should do is stop taking recommendations from your friends. Most people don’t bother reading about the pros and cons of different types of running shoes. Your friends will simply point you towards a pair of running shoes that looks much better as compared to the rest.

Some of your friends may even talk about how comfortable their shoes are. Unfortunately, what’s comfortable for them may not be comfortable for you. When buying running shoes as a woman, you need to take a look at your feet. The shape of your feet plays a major role in the type of shoe that you should wear. For instance, the arch of in your foot plays a major role.

Women who have very little arch in their feet (nearly flat footed) should consider buying a curved shoe. Unless your friend is a physiotherapist and has an idea of how the shape of your feet impacts your movement, you should not consider listening to their recommendations. Remember, every person moves in a slightly unique way.

pair of running shoes

Don’t Buy a New Pair of Running Shoes Online

While online shopping has become hugely popular over the past few years, it is certainly not a good idea to purchase a pair of running shoes online. It is very difficult to assess what feels comfortable on your foot without making a comparison between two or three pairs of shoes. While most online shops will offer you the option of free returns, it is a much better idea to purchase the right pair in the first attempt than to carry boxes to the post office after every few days.

Furthermore, the salesperson will be able to guide you about the type of shoe you need too. For instance, if you have only just started running, he/she may recommend you to try a lightweight pair along with a very thin sole. If that doesn’t feel comfortable, he/she may ask you to try a slightly thicker pair. The salesperson will consider several things before making a recommendation, including your body type.

Pair of Running Shoes Online

Buy Something That Is Really Comfortable

One of the most important things that you must keep in mind is that as the day progresses, your feet tend to swell. That’s because you are putting pressure on your feet throughout the day. For instance, at the end of your run, your feet will have swollen to their maximum size.

If you buy a form-fitted pair of running shoes, you’ll soon feel it becoming quite uncomfortable. That is the reason why you should make your purchase in the evening or after a long run. That is the time when your feet will be swollen to their maximum size. When buying a pair of running shoes, make sure you put them on over socks to see if it properly fits your feet.

running shoes

Be Truthful

When you first visit a sports store, the salesperson is going to ask a lot of different questions. You must be very honest when answering these questions. Most of the questions will be related to your running history and experience. How many kilometres do you run in a week? What is your average speed? Do you run to lose weight, or are you simply looking to remain fit? These are just some of the questions that the salesman may ask. You must be straightforward and truthful when answering all of these questions.

If you have only just started running, tell the person that you don’t know anything about running shoes. An experienced shoe-expert won’t intimate you with confusing verbiage. They will simply highlight what you need, and recommend you the best possible pair based on your current preferences.

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Don’t Skimp on Quality

When it comes to protecting your feet, you need to consider buying a quality pair of shoes. There’s a reason why companies such as Nike, Asics and New Balance charge such high amounts for their running shoes: they put in a lot of research on creating the perfect pair based on your running style and body type.

Once you have determined the pair of shoes that goes best with your body style, you should buy a branded pair. Depending on how frequently you use them, running shoes will last you a year or two. If you buy a cheaper pair, not only will it hurt your feet, but it’s unlikely to last very long either.

Skimp on Quality

When buying a pair of running shoes, you should take your time. Most women usually tend to hurry with their purchase. Instead, carefully weigh your options. Try on different pairs and find something that really slips on your feet with comfort. Don’t just go for looks.

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