The Return of the Bangle Bracelet

She walks down the hallway, the soft jingle jangle of her silver bangle bracelet against its nestled sisters calling out her presence. Who can resist the romantic feel of an arm of silver bangles? While the gypsy look that tends to accompany these iconic accessories waxes and wanes in fashion, there are some who have never given up their bid to be part of an exotic time and place. Through fashion shifts to bold black and white and subtle but boring beige, we have persevered with our love of bright colors, sensual textures and always the charm of an arm of silver bangles. How wonderful to find out that with the nostalgic return of sixties era clothes, we get to once more indulge in our favorite bracelets.


The Homecoming of the Gypsy

The last few years have seen a return to the soft textures of the flower power days, with jerseys, velvets and silks returning to the runway. Along the way the bold patterns of this past fashion; paisley returning in bright new shades and stripes making a big comeback, have also been seen. It is only fitting that the big bold hoop earrings and jangle of long shoulder-brushing chandelier earrings should also be brought back. If you have ever envisioned yourself as a gypsy of the fashion world, now is the time to indulge.

Homecoming of the Gypsy

Romance and Silver

Of course, whenever fashion deems it right to bring back a look, it is never quite the same as it was before. The sixties was a time of fashion exploration. It saw a fascination with mysticism and all things from India as the Beatles introduced us to meditation and exotic clothes and jewelry. Men wore eyeliner; well some did at any rate. A rejection of tweed, black wool and anything that wasn’t bright and colorful marked the fashion era. Today’s interpretation is more an evolution than a revolution, but is welcomed none the less. The jangle of silver bracelets once again is heard on the runway and in our lives.


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