Kate Spade – The Journey of Her Life in the Fashion Industry

There are many top quality brand names when it comes to purchasing handbags, accessories, shoes, dresses, coats, etc. However, the only name that echoes all over the streets that sell handbags for women is the Spade Fashion introduced by Kate and her partners. Kate Spade and Company has become one of the brand names that women go crazy about every time they plan to shop for best quality handbag.


Kate made a debut in the world of fashionable handbags and she chose her husband’s surname, as the name of the Brand. Her first collection was nylon bags since she found it necessary at that time that women should pay same attention for the type of bags that they carry their items in. Instead of focusing only on the way they look, the shoes they wear and the accessories that they accessorize with their attire, Kate taught women to turn their focus even on the bags that they carry along with them.

fashionable handbags

With the glorious partnership between the fellow designer namely Pamela Bell, her husband Andy Spade and Elyce Arona, she started the brand name that represent nylon bags and sold her company brand in the year 1999 to a famous businessperson. Then she collaborated with Liz Claiborne in the year 2006 and introduced her brand name that produces and sells not only handbags, but also accessories, dresses and other such apparels.


Kate Spade New York is the brand that has never failed to encourage women to try something new and become the fashion icon of their locality. Kate always touched the hearts of the women with the desire to live colorfully and also to go with the recently introduced accessories such as watches, bracelets, eyewear, stationary, shoes, jewelry, tabletops, fragrance, etc. Most of the company made products became the best way of expressing ones feelings for their loved ones, in the form of gifts and presents.

The brand name of Kate Spade became popular since it followed the basic rules such as,

shoes, jewelry, tabletops

  • Maintaining the consistency in the quality of the brand name in order to stay in the business for longer years
  • Growth in the business markets by following many procedures such as comp sales, door rollouts, introducing new types in the accessory sections, etc.
  • Prioritizing the needs of the customers, as per the country, this in turn helped them to come up with perfect designs.
  • Conquering the fashion market from different countries and adding the name into the list of partners.
  • Organizing business strategy, as per the need of the locality. This feature also included working in joint ventures, agreements and distributions, subsidiaries that are completely owned, and so on.

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