Important Aspects Before Spending On Kitten Insurance

If you have decided to bring a kitten home, a lot of preparations must be done. After the pet arrives home, you need to consider many things, and the list includes pet insurance. Kittens are curious, smart and often very mischievous, which is all good, but along with that, you may have unexpected vet bills, given that kittens have underdeveloped immune systems. Pet insurance has been around for quite some time, and there are specific plans for kitten. Here are some of the things you would want to know.

  Basic facts

In general, insurance plans accept kittens over 8 weeks, although some plans do accept kittens of 6 weeks, not less. However, you shouldn’t wait for long to get your kitten insured for medical bills as the vet trips can be in the first year. As with dogs, the cost of the plans increase as the cat grows older. As for the benefits, you can be reimbursed based on a certain benefit schedule or may be paid a percentage of the vet bill. Many plans allow you to have 100 percent coverage, which is a great thing but the costs of such plans are a tad higher. If you are opting for percentage-based plans, it is best to evaluate the exclusions.


Know the terms

It is very essential to understand the exclusions, as mentioned. However, the terms and conditions of pet insurance can be tricky, so detailed evaluation is essential for all aspects. Pre-existing conditions are not covered under kitten insurance, and you can find several other things on the list of conditions. Wellness plans are great for the fact that they cover the routine visits required to the vet in the first year. Some breeds are prone to certain kind of health conditions, and it is best to know if these diseases and related treatments will be covered.



Finally, it comes down to the costs, but don’t be lured by low quotes. The best practice is to ask for quotes from companies and compare the coverage offered along with terms, exclusions. Deductibles usually are applicable once in every policy period, which is something you should discuss in detail. If you have questions, always write to the concerned company and get the right answers because smaller exclusions can cost you huge, especially in times of need. Read detailed kitten insurance reviews, which can offer plenty of detailed inputs.


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