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Footwear tips for guys to impress women

Women often judge a man by the shoes that he is wearing. Therefore, for a man, not only is it important to dress in a polished way but also to keep his best footwear forward. So guys, here are a few tips for you to perfect your mens shoes collection.

  1. Wear feet covering shoes on dates:

According to a social experiment conducted in America, women detest feet displaying shoes on dates be it floaters or crocs or the good old flip-flops. Covered shoes give out the message that while being on a casual date; you take it seriously enough to put up your best attire and appearance.

  1. Wear leather shoes:

Leather charms women. Leather renders certain gravity to a man’s character. A well-fitting leather lace upwill never fail to impress the lady on the opposite end of the table. Team these shoes with a good jacket or blazer and jeans to seal the deal.

  1. Boots are a strict no no:

Boots aren’t date shoes. You may be deceived into thinking that boots are making you look hefty, confident and protective, but most women don’t perceive them quite that way. They are nonchalant to even the best pair of boots. However, some women have a certain something for cowboy boots, but you are probably better off wearing normal shoes on your first date when you are unlikely to know about the woman’s taste for cowboy boots.

  1. Stay away from trainers or sports shoes:

Flaunting a fit body is impressionable, but appearing for a date in Nike or Reebok gives out a desperation signal. You don’t want your woman to think that you are being a bighead by wearing your gym shoes to the date. This choice of shoes also gives out a vibe of fashion carelessness which is a dangerous thing for a first date.

  1. Don’t spend a lot. Wear shoes that show your effort:

Just go with average priced shoes, but make sure they are classy and stylish. Good, standard priced shoes make you look smart and confident, in contrary to popular belief that non-overpriced shoes make a man look feminine or gay. Make sure to spare some thought about your shoe, whether the shade goes with the shade of your trousers, whether you should or shouldn’t display socks. Show your date that you care, and that you have put in the effort to dress up just as she has. This simple gesture will transpire into a lovely evening filled with stories and laughter.

Online shoes shopping websites provide the best deals and styles on men’s shoes. They hold larger variety than your mall stores, which mainly stock on women’s shoes. Keep in mind the above guidelines for your next date, and you will come home with the prospect of a second date in your bag.Take proper care to coordinate your outfit with the proper shoes so that your girl never fails to notice and compliment you.