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Pearls – Now and Then

When you say pearls, you instantly think about the roaring twenties. The glittering long necklaces of the flappers, the simple earrings that reached shoulder length and the statement rings laden with pearls were all the rage back then. Art nouveau and romanticism were left behind, and everyone embraced geometric shapes and minimalist designs. Fast forward to nowadays, almost a century later, when pearls are still in full swing, symbolizing timeless sophistication. There are unlimited choices of shapes, colors and designs, ready to complement any complexion and to meet the most exigent standards. If you’re not sure what best suits you, you can’t go wrong with a pair of delicate pearl earrings. They still stand for the universal symbol of understated beauty.



While clothes, coiffures, shoes and bags have developed since the 1920s, pearl necklaces nowadays still resemble the ones that were worn after World War I ended. Looking at pictures with Coco Chanel rocking four pearl necklaces at once reminds us that this gemstone was a classic favorite back then as it is nowadays. Grace Kelly loved pearl chokers and you could seldom see her without one. Look up pictures of her, and you can spot the spark brought in her eyes by the pearls and the seductive air she borrows from their iridescent glow.



Ladies’ hands always looked better adorned with a simple pearl. If in the past jewelry makers kept it simple by setting the gemstones in gold or silver, now we’re experimenting with textures, sizes and color. The sky’s the limit with pearl rings design. We’ve discovered they look stunning when combined with more unusual materials like copper, semi-precious stones or colorful beads, so handmade artists have been hard at work to come up with fresh ideas.



It was Chanel again who showed everyone how good stacked rows of pearls look on her hands. She wasn’t afraid to take a long strand of pearls and wrap it around her wrists to match her elegant necklaces. We have her to thank for stacking. We do it too nowadays, whether it’s pearl bracelets on their own or a mixture of pearls and other bangles. Pearls have surprised us by looking good with anything. You can combine them with ribbons, add them on copper wire or set them in rose gold and you’ve got yourself a fine piece of jewelry that will complement any outfit.



Pearl earrings will never go out of style. Women in the twenties rocked them, our grandmothers wore them on dates with our grandparents and we’ll be gifting them to our daughters. They’re incredibly versatile and perfect for any occasion. Keep in mind pearls come in more colors than just white. If you’re just adding these gemstones to your jewelry collection, look for the ones that will compliment your skin tone and match your eyes. Certain shades can make your skin look duller, while others brighten everything up and make you look like you are glowing.

Pearl sets


Nothing says “pulled together” better than a pearl set. If you want to make sure all your pearls will match, go for a set that includes a necklace, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Stick around the 7-8 mm range to make sure your jewelry set is suitable both for formal meetings and for casual parties.

Is It Going To Cost More Because Of The Increased Level Of Detail Put Into Personalized Bobbleheads?

Have you had the chance to look around some of the different custom bobbleheads websites out there? If you have then you might have noticed that their prices tend to be much lower than you think they’d be. Why do you believe this is? Well the business of creating personalized bobbleheads is very tough. Some companies will do and say anything in order to get someone to give them their business. What you have to ask yourself is what your going to be getting as a result of paying too low.


Custom Bobbleheads to

In many cases we’ve seen people get a mixed bag of results, but none of them are usually good. Take a look at some of the problems we’ve had people complain about when it comes to other providers they went through:

The company wasn’t able to make the custom bobbleheads they wanted.For instance, one person wanted kids bobbleheads. The company couldn’t make them though, because they said their prices just couldn’t justify working on something that would require so much detail.

The detail of the product was very bad. In a lot of cases the final product ended up looking nothing like what the client wanted. Imagine getting a couple bobbleheads item and it doesn’t look anything like the couple you got it made for. Think about the awkwardness of this.

The product looked had specific problems that ruined the look of the whole item. Now any half way decent company would make sure they had this worked out in advance, but a bad company would just send out anything. We don’t do this and wouldn’t do it.

do this and

The fact of the matter is if you want custom bobbleheads that are going to look good, then you must be willing to spend the right amount of money on them. It takes time and a lot of attention in order to make sure everything is done just right. So going too low on price wouldn’t be smart. The thing is you don’t have to overspend. You just don’t want to go with a company that’s only goal is to compete on price alone.

Our company can make some of the best personalized bobbleheads out there,because we use good materials and are experts when it comes to detail. We can keep prices at a reasonable level at the same time. So much is going to come down to what you want and how fast you want it.

Detail is where serious players in this business either are made or broken. We’ve had plenty of time to perfect our craft and when you order one of these products from us, then you’ll be getting the benefits of all of our experience and expertise. Our company is able to make all bobbleheads types you might need. All you need to do is know what you want and lay out the details for us to follow in advance.