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Bold Fashion: Make a Statement With These Bold Fashion Trends

Sometimes you want to wear an outfit that makes a real statement. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion: Adding a touch of new energy to your wardrobe just feels great! If you’re looking for fashion that gets you noticed, check out these current bold fashion trends…

Bold Fashion

Bold Fashion: Geometric Patterns

One of the hottest fashion trends right now is fabric with bold, geometric patterns. Whether it’s a full-length dress, top, skirt, or even shoes, geometric designs are everywhere right now. For maximum impact, look for items with super bright colors and bold prints. Just don’t wear too many different clashing designs in one outfit. We want to look bold, but there’s definitely a fine line between stylish and over-the-top.

Bold Fashion: Floral Patterns

If geometric patterns aren’t quite your thing, consider going for floral patterns. Don’t think that these are in any way dated or conservative. There are some really eye-catching designs available at the moment, with modern twists on classic designs.

Bold Fashion: Pop Art Prints

The pop art movement dates back to the 1950s and 60s, with one of the most famous pieces being the Campbell Soup campaign by Andy Warhol. This went on to inspire the so-called “Souper Dress” – and so pop art became a hit on the fashion scene. Now the style is back as one of the hottest trends of the past few years, and it’s a great example of truly bold fashion that’s sure to make a statement. For maximum impact, use it sparingly. Why not try a pop art inspired tee paired with jeans and some bold shoes?

Bold  Fashion

Bold Fashion: Sequins

Nothing shouts “bold fashion” quite like a dress covered in sequins. This is a look that’s certainly best reserved for the evening, however if you want to hit the dancefloor in style then there is perhaps no better way to make a bold fashion statement.

Bold Fashion: Statement Shoes

Your choice of shoes can really make or break your outfit, so take the time to choose the right footwear. Bright colors and eye-catching patterns have become a trend in recent years; so don’t be afraid to go for shoe designs that are a little bit daring.

Bold Fashion: Statement Jewellery

Finish off your look in style with some colourful statement jewellery. A glitzy necklace or bold pair of earrings can really add that finishing touch to your style and mean the difference between a “great” outfit and a “show stopping” one.

Bold Fashion Ideas from Shoestova

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A Woman’s Guide To Shopping For Skincare Products After 40

The modern woman likes to keep herself maintained at all times. While we spend hugely on what we wear and even on makeup products, what often takes a backseat is skincare. Caring for your skin becomes even more important as you age, especially after you enter thirties. After 40, you are likely to see the common signs of aging, but the good thing is you can battle most of these skin and body issues with dedication and right attitude. Of course, caring for your body and skin is included in the dedication Check what you should own in your closet at all times, exclusively with regards to skincare!

Skincare  Products

A quality night cream

The main purpose of using a night cream is to get rid of the tiredness and rejuvenate the skin. Some night creams do have anti-aging properties, so while you are asleep, the product works on reducing fine lines and wrinkles. There are plenty of brands in the market that you can choose from, but yes, always be patient with the results. Just like any other cosmetic cream, including breast enhancement products like pueraria mirifica serum, night creams take time for results. However, with regular use and the right choice of product, you should see results in a month!

A quality night cream

Repair mask

Whether you want to go ahead and get a treatment for skin repair or want to do things at home is matter of choice. Having a repair mask is a good way to revitalize the skin and offer that quick detox from unwanted pollutants and effects of makeup products. Many masks do have firming agents, so if you are considering to get rid of sagging skin, these products are worth considering. Like with any firming product meant for the skin, repair masks should also be purchased from known and well famed brands.

Repair mask

Skincare basics

No matter your age, having a cleaner, toner and moisturizer is more than essential for regular skincare. It hardly takes less than 30 minutes to cleanse and tone your skin before applying a moisturizer. Many brands offer complete package of these products together. If you follow the practice this at night, you can replace the moisturizer with the night cream.

Skincare basics

Eye-care cream

Usually, most signs of aging can be spotted around the eyes, with fine lines. Some women even have puffiness around the eyes, which can give a bad look to the entire face. There are many eye-care creams, which are mostly applied as overnight therapy for the under eye area. Again, the contents of the cream is extremely important, so make sure you read the label well and choose a trusted brand before buying.

Eye-care cream


When it comes to sunscreen, you should be looking for the maximum SPF protection, at least 30+ for the best results. This is one of the few skincare products that should be used by women of all ages, and you can find some big cosmetic brands offering plenty of choices.

Start shopping for your skin now with this complete list!

Top Tips To Finding The Working Discount Coupons On The Internet

There are many discount coupon sites on the internet and while this is helpful in a way, it tends to actually make things even more confusing for people who are looking for discount coupons. Discount coupons helps the customers to save a huge amount of money while making any kind of online purchases, and this is particular effective only when you get reliable and working discount coupons online.

One should always trust premier discount coupon site such as to get the working and usable discount coupons. This is because popular sites such as that would always keep on checking the validity of the coupon, and any coupon that has been used to the limit or have run out of validity are taken off from the site. This helps in adding convenience to the experience of the customers. Here are the few ways you would be able to find working discount coupons online without hassles –

  • Make sure that you always search for the best discount coupons site before looking for discount coupons.
  • Look out in forums what others are talking about the discount coupons, and which site other people prefer.
  • It is also important to check whether the site has a comprehensive list of discount coupons or not.
  • Any good site such as would have a good amount of discount coupons, so always go with the popular and reputed discount coupons site.
  • Check out the reviews of top discount coupons site to land on the best one.

Discount Coupons On The Internet

Shopping online has become very popular in the last few years, and with the help of discount coupons, people are able to enjoy shopping online even more. The discount coupons are helping the customers to save a lot, while buying what they want. The online shopping sites never compromise on the quality of products, and hence, one can be sure of always getting genuine products, and even if the customers does not like the product, the online shopping sites offer free and easy returns.

It is this kind of convenience that online shopping has become so popular, and this has helped in the popularity of discount coupons. Once you are able to buy discount coupon. One thing that you need to remember is that you should always use the discount coupons from the best sites, because they would always be working. These sites do continuous checks to see which coupons are working and which are not, so rest assured of finding working coupons on the popular sites always.

Quick Tips to Help you Purchase Maternity Clothing

Pregnancy could be a fascinating phase with a plethora of changes taking place. You would have an array of things to look forward to like the requirement for comfortable maternity clothes. The joys of giving birth to new life, watching your belly grow along with having to deal with several pregnancy symptoms would make your pregnancy period a time to cherish.

It is mostly during the second trimester that you might start feeling the requirement of relaxed maternity clothes. As your body would begin to experience different changes, your regular clothes would start to feel tight and uncomfortable. Shopping for various kinds of maternity clothes at your preferred mall or on several online stores could be fun because there would be clothes available to suit any pocket.

pregnancy symptoms

Optimum care needed when purchasing maternity clothing

When purchasing maternity clothes, optimum care should be taken to purchase comfortable and long lasting clothes. There have been maternity dresses available in a wide variety such as eveningwear, pants and jeans, shorts and beachwear, coats and jackets, tops and blouses, swimwear and more. You might purchase clothes to wear at home like nightgowns and pajamas. You would be given the choice to purchase stylish maternity clothes; office and trendy party office wear items as well.

Maternity clothing needs careful selection, as you just cannot purchase them only by looking at them. They have to fit your increasing body at the right places; you would not want to add any more discomforts by wearing ill-fit clothes.

purchasing maternity clothing

Purchasing limited maternity clothes

You may purchase limited maternity clothes at one time. You have the option of purchasing new clothes each month, as these would help you avail the right fit. It might be unfortunate if you purchase plenty of maternity clothes at one time, only to find that you outgrew them in a matter of a month or so.

maternity clothes

Tips on purchasing maternity clothes

When purchasing maternity clothes, you should consider the weather and purchase appropriate clothing. You should purchase clothes that would aid you in staying warm and comfortable during winters along with clothes being breezy and light during the summer months.

When opting for lingerie, moderation is highly recommended. You might need a bigger size as your pregnancy progresses. Purchase clothes that are considered practical and easy to maintain. You might not have the liking or the time to pamper the maternity clothes.

For people, who have money constraints, could always make do with some comfortable pairs of maternity jeans along with extra sized t-shirts. Log online and search for websites that sell maternity clothes at great discounts. You can find maternity clothes at

purchasing maternity clothes

Edging towards the eighth month would urge you to shop for delivery kits along with nursing clothes. If you have prepared well in advance, you might save yourself the trouble of searching the right set of clothes when you might not have the time for it.

The days have passed when you had to do with ill-fit clothes during maternity. Now, with a plethora of maternity-clothes options such as maternity t-shirts, maternity special occasion dresses and maternity gowns made available, you would feel and appear great throughout your pregnancy period.

Pearl Necklaces: The Recommended Ways of Wearing Them

Pearl necklaces have been around since time immemorial. They are worn by some of the popular people in the society. Before, the options for pearl necklaces are only limited to black and white, but today the color options are limitless. There are multitudes of colors to choose from and so it would be easier for you to choose the one that perfectly fits your taste and personality.

Pearl necklaces are accessories of the rich and famous. Women from all across the globe wear it when dressing up. There are different types, styles, and designs of pearl necklaces and your choice varies depending on your outfit, motif, and mood at that very moment. Whatever your style and mood are, pearl necklaces can surely help you achieve simplicity, elegance, and timeless beauty.

To make you feel and look at your best with your pearl necklaces, take into account the following styling tips:

stranded pearl necklace

Single and double stranded pearl necklace

For a simple yet elegant look, all you have to do is to wear a single or even double stranded pearl necklace with single color. The ideal color selection would be all white or all black pearls. If you are wearing plain solid color dress, then a white pearl would best fit you. On the other hand, if you are wearing light colored dress, then a black pearl can surely look good on you.

Big pearl necklace

If you want to create a big statement and want your presence to be recognized the moment you enter the room, then all you have to do is wear a big pearl in single stand. However, you should limit the design details of your outfit. Let your pearl necklace do all the talking.

Pearl Necklaces

Chunky choker pearl necklace

If you want to be glamorous and sophisticated, then you should go for a chunky choker pearl necklace, especially the ones with different hues, sizes, and strands. You can pair it up with your evening dress, especially the strapless ones.

Pearls and other layers of necklace

You can mix and match different types of necklaces, but make sure that your pearl necklace is the longest one. Vary the colors and shapes, but make sure that the necklaces coordinate well with each other. A lot of Hollywood celebrities are doing this and they really look best with their necklace on.

Gone are the days when pearl necklaces are considered jewelry of the royalty. Today, everybody can wear pearls provided they were able to carry themselves with their pearls on. For more pearl selections and designs, visit